Rules of Conduct
Main rules
Your account will be banned if we receive complaints from other users.

Do not distribute links to websites with inappropriate content. This is a family friendly game.

Do not discuss or post information that may be innapropriate for a family audience. You will be banned without warning if you violate this rule.

Follow all rules set out in the terms and this document. Do not talk or post links/messages about anything that may be illegal in your country state/territory, UK, US, Australia or Europe.

Do not offend others, be nice and fair. Follow all rules and have fun.

Do not discuss, devulge or ask for personal information! This is a strict bannable offense, no warnings given.

Do not spam players with links or messages. We are very strict about this.

You are not permitted to play if you do not have permission from your parents and/or legal guardian (if applicable).

Multiple/Duplicate accounts used to artificially or purposely improve your ratings/level or score are not permitted.

You should be fair, do not constantly fight the same player(s) over and over.

Be polite
Your account will be banned for using inappropriate or sexual language in chat, messages, descriptions or even in usernames or clan names.

Be better
You may be even better if you try to teach others how to be nice or to report those who are hopeless.

This will help the 7Wizards community grow faster and stronger!

You can tell your friends/family about 7Wizards!

Be fair

Failure to follow these rules may result in the loss of your account across all Chotopia games and services, including Chotopia and 7Wizards.

All support queries: Chotopia Support Messenger
Administration queries: [email protected]